A Saturday morning teaching graced with Roberta's Bleeding Heart blossoms

If one really practices, one will hear the Buddhadhamma whether one is sitting underneath a tree, is lying down, or in whatever posture....Just remembering these words is not enough...we must be determined to practice to be able to see this, then our practice will really be complete.

--Ajahn Chah, Food for the Heart


We are up and running with recordings from Chas' monthly teaching with Island Insight. Chas generously also provides related blog posts and resources --  click here to access. We encourage you to post a comment on the blog page to share your experiences and thoughts as you read, listen, and practice. Let's get a community dharma conversation going...
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OCTOBER 14, 2017:  Chas continues his teachings on the Four Skills a Meditator Needs to Develop.  Enjoy the dharma talk and guided meditation periods. (An approximately 20 minute meditation starts around 50:00, and an approximately 15 minute meditation starts around 1:50:00).  A bonus is the sound of falling rain, with an occasional "caw" from Island crows inviting us to wake up.



Click on the links below to listen to available audio and video recordings of Chas teaching at the Harwich, MA, sangha, as well as a dharma talk by Rebecca Bradshaw during Chas' 2016 retreat time.  Gratitude to the Harwich meditation community for recording, editing, and sharing these recordings. 


Chas April 2017 dharma talk -Four skills to Develop the Heart and Mind 

Rebecca Bradshaw Dec 2016 dharma talk – Working with Our Thoughts

Chas Aug 2016 dharma talk - Six Steps of Gradual Teaching

Chas July 2016 dharma talk – Working with Our Senses

Chas June 2016 dharma talk - Drawbacks of Sense Pleasure

Chas May 2016 dharma talk - Karma

Chas April 2016 dharma talk - Ethical Conduct

Chas March 2016 dharma talk - Samadhi

Chas Jan 2016 dharma talk - The Great Way

Chas Nov 2015 dharma talk - Thoughts   (NOTE:  The first part of this talk was not recorded)


Chas May 2017: Four Skills a Meditator Needs to Develop (Parts 1 and 2)