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It is indeed a difficult and trying time for our country and for the world. The ethical guidelines of the Noble Eightfold Path we walk are needed now more than ever. At Island Insight Meditation Community, the Buddha’s teachings of non-harming and loving kindness guide our speech and actions.

All who come to practice will be welcomed and respected regardless of their political or social views. In addition, we offer a spiritual refuge and welcome, with a message of inclusivity and safety, to anyone who is at risk because of being seen as “other.

Image: Climate March 2015 One Earth Sangha:  donate here:  one earth sangha

Image: Climate March 2015 One Earth Sangha:  donate here: one earth sangha


May greed, ill will, and delusion be transmuted through the power of wisdom, kindness, and compassion. 










thank you to Cambridge Insight Meditation Center for generous inspiration.