DANA:  The Practice of Generosity

There are many ways to develop the quality of "open hand, open heart" -- the fundamental practice of dana (generosity) that recognizes our interconnection.  Chas travels to the Island each month to offer teachings freely. We support the well-being of our teacher through practice, service, and financial contributions.  The Island Insight community creates conditions for coming together -- rented space, meditation gatherings, website, etc. -- and we support the community through practice, service, and donations for administrative expenses.  This is the circle of giving and receiving.

If you are interested in volunteering time, please click here and send us a message.  If you wish to offer financial support to Chas and/or for administrative expenses, please click here to download a form that you can print out and send in with a check.  Island Insight does not presently have a web-based means of accepting funds.  

Please note that Island Insight is not a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation cannot be claimed as a tax deduction.