How we start our day is important. It puts us on a particular course, for better or for worse. In this age of 24-hour news and instant gratification through the internet, it can be tempting to wake up and turn on our phone/computer. While this may be entertaining (or at least distracting), in terms of our body and mind, it is one of the worst ways we can begin our day. 

Getting sucked into the latest news feed, or surfing the web, supports mind states of desire and aversion. The body tenses as it responds to these contracted mind states, and the nervous system gets ramped up. Throw in a cup of caffeinated drink, and the process is exacerbated. Now the day is beginning in a hyper-arousal state. The body and mind are rushing and racing, leading to short term agitation and long term disease. 

I would suggest a different way of starting your day that goes something like this:

  • When you wake up, lay still in bed and consciously become aware of your body. Literally begin your day with body awareness. 

  • Connect with any intentions for your practice and life that you may be working with. 

  • Get out of bed and take care of any bodily needs mindfully. 

  • Have your morning drink (if you have one) without doing anything else. Just sit and drink. 

  • Do your morning practice of meditation, yoga or whatever your accustomed to. 

  • Eat breakfast 

  • Now, and only now, if you must, turn on the computer/phone or whatever device you use. 

Of course, the order in which you do things may be different than this. The point being, to do your morning routine before you begin screen time. 

Your body, including its nervous system, and your mind will be much calmer and happier. The trajectory for the day that you are on will be much different than if you had gotten up and gone right into screen time. 

Try this for a week and see what you notice!