Human beings do all sorts of things as they traverse their lives. The particulars are too countless to try and mention. Some of these things are wholesome and some are unwholesome. There is one endeavor that, when taken up, provides us with happiness and a sense of well-being in the present, and beyond. This occurs when we intentionally reflect another person’s goodness back to them in any way. When we do this, we are reminded of a deep, fundamental truth, which is, this is why we are here on this earth. When we speak another person’s goodness to them, it feels good, yes, but the good feeling is of a very particular kind. It’s sort of like, “it doesn’t get better than this”, or “this is why I am alive”. 

Now, we may not feel this each time we let another person know what we see in them. It usually is a subtle feeling, and easy to miss. We’ve become so addicted to the extreme highs and lows of the entertainment industry that our ability to experience the subtle messages of the body and heart has been eroded. But, if we pay attention and bring mindfulness and body awareness to such situations, we will more likely be able to connect with the subtle bliss of fulfilling our life’s purpose to some degree. 

So, a very simple, two-part practice is to consciously reflect back to people the goodness you see in them, and then pay attention to the effect that has on your heart and your body. This really is a gift to others as, a low sense of self-worth is so endemic in our culture. Although, we are ultimately the only ones who can know our own goodness, getting these reflections can be very helpful in cutting through the delusion of not good enough. 

I am aware that, in wording this piece the way I did, I’ve taken the liberty of deciding what your life’s purpose is for you! You may not agree with that, and that is, of course, in your domain. I would encourage you however, to do the two-part exercise. You don’t have to agree with me to do the exercise, and possibly, to benefit from it.